Objects Buy

Use the expert's knowledge and the synergies of our enterprise and our partners who stands to you with a broadly diversified real estate-all-round offer aside. We can supply hotels in the Ocean Drive in Miami just, how hotels and office buildings in the Times Square in New York. We have High Street Retail portfoils in Germany or Barking Èpoque hotels in Lake Geneva and Paris.

Our team is in the best situations of the world on site and supports you in an advisory capacity with good contacts with real estate owners, engineers, architects and banks. We find high-class single objects or also whole port foils for you. Besides, our main focuses lie in the areas:

  • Hotels
  • Office building(block)
  • Blocks of flats
  • Shopping centres
  • Building plots live
  • Building plots trade(craft)
  • Senior citizen's residences
  • Trade parks
  • Student living

Please, understand that we put no more objects in the net, because all our objects are out of vision market and we counterpractices us to the owners