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The Dr. Rotthaus GmbH is an owner-controlled enterprise which turns the main focus upon the mediation of great investment objects and portfoils.

Up to now with an extensive network of the competent and trusting partners who show different main focuses and competence we have processed a huge number of demanding subjects and have carried out successful transactions.

Beside our partners our enterprise encloses a worldwide network of private investors, institutional investors and project developers.

By our cooperation with architects, experts, management consultants, professional brokers, lawyers(solicitors) and notary publics we can work on complicated(complex) circumstances competently and certainly.




Our partners

Aardglobe AG
Am schrägen Weg 14
9490 Vaduz / Liechtenstein

Dostal & Sozien
Schreiberstr. 20
79098 Freiburg

BARO Health Investments GmbH
Königsallee 92a
40212 Düsseldorf


Hohensyburgstr. 99D
44265 Dortmund

Rethelstr. 100
40237 Düsseldorf

Dr. Horst Rotthaus mobile: +49 172/2121141 Dr. Horst Rotthaus
mobile + 49 172/2121141
Dr. Vera Rotthaus Mobil: +49 172/5291882 Dr. Vera Rotthaus
Senior Consultant
mobile +49 172/5291882